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I wanted to share a conversation I had with a student about a common flaw many golfers have that can be referred to as; coming over the top, over-swinging, swinging from the top, an outside-in swing path or many other references to swings that create slices, pulls, tops and chunks. In the discussion I use the phrase “let it go”. This is a reference to letting the club swing along the line of your body while you avoid trying to control the movements for your hands, arms and the club.




jfpinti 2 hours, 43 minutes ago
You said in my last analysis to work on reducing effort, and I have been trying to do that. But when I am on the course I still have a tendency to overswing, so I have been trying to take the club away at a slower pace and with a shorter backswing which gives me better results. I know we are not to think about movements so I am wondering how do I slow down my backswing without thinking about it when I am supposed to be only thinking about stillness?
jim 2 hours, 7 minutes ago
Great question and such an important concept to wrap your mind around. I believe that every time you ask that question, you will gain insight.Try to follow my logic on how to eliminate the attack in the down swing;

Facts; you attack because of your desire to propel the ball(well intended and understandable), you attack because you are a right dominant golfer.

So, we must eliminate those two factors.

First the desire to propel the ball – You are only going to believe the power in this swing when you see it so you have to see it. This means you have to commit to making gentle swings until the powerful shots emerge. You can either simply override the desire to attack by making sure your hands and arms are very relaxed and then commit to just letting the club fall in the downswing(no faster), or, you can trick yourself by trying to hit the ball half your normal distance. Once you experience the power, it’s easy to commit to not attacking in the downswing.

Second your dominant right side – our set up weakens the right side of the body which reduces the potential for it’s participation in the swing.

There is also another contributing factor which is deep but remarkably important. What you focus on during the swing plays a large part in the aggressiveness of the swing. If you focus on stillness, the hands and arms won’t be given any commands so the swing has a great chance to be more fluid but, if you focus on the club then you end up talking to your hands and arms, which in turn will cause them to attack. That’s what they do.

It’s simple really. Just get as closed as you can, stay still and be gentle with the swing. Once you smoke a couple, you’ll gain the experience and motivation to continue to soften the swing.

Make sense? Give me your thoughts? This is your final piece of the puzzle.

jfpinti 1 hour, 6 minutes ago
Thanks Jim that does make sense and I have noticed the power when I swing with less effort, it is now just a matter of being able to do it with more consistency, I also think that when I am on the course I have a tendency to think too much instead of just letting the swing happen. Raining here today so I am going to try and get to the range tomorrow and work on staying still and closed with a more gentle swing and not worry about how far the ball goes. I will send a video.Also Jim I am curious about a video I was watching of you swinging left handed, it’s not that I am planning to switch but I was thinking that since us right handers have a dominate right side would it be better for a right hander to switch to playing left handed so that we would already be using our dominant right side for the swing. You probably have been asked this before but I was just wondering about it.

Thanks for your help,

jim 17 minutes ago
Yes…just let the swing happen. That’s the mantra…”let it go”…follow my logic again, this is a big one that you have to trust me on.If you just keep your weight still and “let it go”, even if you hit a bad shot, you are making progress because…it is much easier to fix you when you let it go. That’s the beauty of it…when you take the leap of faith to just let it go, your mistakes can be fixed immediately by the set up position. If it doesn’t draw, get more closed, stay still and “let it go”. If it’s not solidly struck, pivot more weight left, stay still and…”let it go”. Ta da! Soon you’ll start to smoke some shots that will leave you breathless. And…remember, you’re still going to have misses but now your misses will be better because they are limited to thin shots and hooks, which, you should be able to fix in one shot through your set up position.

Oppositely, when you don’t let it go and you try to control the movements for the swing, the body doesn’t flow naturally because you will inevitably override the body’s natural movements to cause poor movements that result in an apparent lack of coordination and poor shots. Ever watch LeBron swing a golf club?…can’t make contact with the ball…he’s overriding his own great athleticism by trying to control the movements of the strike.

So…just let it go and soon you’ll feel the down swing soften on it’s own. It “feels” like you are doing nothing but…Staying Still.

Report back soon…I’m excited for you, going to put our conversation on the blog for others to learn from. So glad you asked the question.

Stay still,


jim 13 minutes ago
Switching from righty to lefty because of the dominant side – Great idea to start that way but no point in switching once you get going because even though you have done it wrong, you are still more adept at swinging righty than you would be lefty. It would take me another lifetime to match my right handed skill with left. But, it’s fun to hit shots every once in a while just for fun. In fact, I think I’ll do that this week. ;)



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