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Learning any skill is a process. First you learn the fundamentals of the technique, then you train the technique and finally you master the technique. I’m pleased to announce that we are adding a training feature for all members on the site that will improve your ability to learn, train and master the skills of golf. There are 5 levels to the JVGA training program, starting with Level 1 which focusses on the basic fundamentals of the game and progressing up to Level 5 where you will train the advanced skills of the game.

While the technology is being added to the website, I want to share with you an outline of the Level 1 training program and I encourage you all to begin training the basic fundamentals of the game. There are 4 skills to be trained in Level 1 which are the Bump & Run, the 50/50 Pitch, the 3 foot Putt and your Long Game Yardage Card. The goal is to lock down these skills so that you can rely upon these shots on the golf course.


Each of these tasks should be done at least once a week

Level 1 Bump & Run Training – Using Pitching Wedge from the center of your stance, play 30 Bump & Runs from 2 yards off the green to a pin that is 30 – 45 feet on the green. Your goal is to get as many balls as you can inside of a 3 foot circle from the hole.


Level 1 50/50 Pitch Training – Using Sand Wedge from the front of your stance, play 30 Pitches from 5 yards off the green to a pin that is 5 yards on the green. Your goal is to get as many balls as you can inside of a 3 foot circle from the hole.


Level 1 Putter Training – Putt 30 3 foot putts. Your goal is to make all 30 putts.


Level 1 Long Game Training – After you establish your yardage card, you’ll need to train your sense for the different size swings on your card. Every time you practice, you should select 2 irons and train your yardages by playing 3 shots for each size swing you have on your yardage card. Your goal is to comfortably produce consistent distances with each club and each size swing.


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sport Billy 21 hours ago • The Jim Venetos Golf Swing
I started playing golf at 28 using basically the X factor method I was extremely powerful with a record drive of 425 yards and I got down to a 5 hcp.. But gradually my back began to hurt more and more and at the age of 34 my back gave out I couldn’t walk for 3 weeks.. and with a young family I couldn’t afford to chance it happening again.
I tried a shorter swing after the injury but hated the lack of power.. I would fall back to the old swing on long holes or be goaded into putting on a show for playing partners, either way come the next day I could hardly move so I reluctantly retired.
Every year since (im 46 now) I’ve tried to make a come back hitting the range for a week trying to swing easier and then playing a round but it’s always the same I’m like an old man for days after. But now my son has got the golf bug and he wants me to play.
I’ve stuck at it for 2 months but the pain has been there even half a basket left me crippled.. Until! .. 3 days ago I stumbled upon Jims system.. bingo.. hit a basket no pain next day no pain.. Today 2 baskets no pain just lots of lovely draw shots.. Not moving is forcing me to hit with a three quarter swing, but the shallower swing less spin shots are flying lower and rolling out to the distance my old swing produced. Thanks Jim if I had the money spare I’d join your academy in a heart beat.. Maybe then you could teach me a fade cos all I’m seeing is Right To left : ) Thanks again Jim!

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2011-08-19 08.19.52Chris Baingo and I played two very different but memorable rounds at Crystalaire CC last Thursday. Chris had already played in the morning, birdieing in from 13 to shoot 67. He extended the birdie streak in the afternoon by birdieing our first three holes and it was clear that, again, I was about to watch “the kid” play some awfully good golf. A barrage of birdies followed his hot start with one bogey on his way to tying the course record with a 62. In those 36 holes, Chris made 19 birdies and finished 15 under par for the day.


At the same time, I shot a much more subtle and nearly uneventful 70 with 2 birdies, 2 bogies and an ace. Which round would you rather have; 11 birdies and a course record 62 or a 2 under par 70 with an ace?


For the record, I’d take the 62.


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